Class Descriptions

Class descriptions

Tone 'n' Stretch 

This class focuses on total body toning, with high repetitions of exercises and low resistance / weight, finishing with a total body stretch. Every Monday at 6.15am, this should be just enough to prepare you for your week.

Hiit and hip hop

A high Intensity Interval Training circuit accompanied by a Hip Hop soundtrack (requests welcome). This one's a sweaty one, but don't let this put you off, High Intensity Interval Training is a proven way of improving aerobic fitness and is one of the best exercise methods for weight loss.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga - basically translates to the instructor keeping the movements smooth and continuous. If you ever find yourself switching between poses in Yoga classes, then Vinyasa Flow is for you. At the end of this class our instructor will take you through 10mins of optional relaxation with healing crystals.

hip hop yoga

A Flow Yoga class set to a soundtrack of Hip Hop and Soul. While the music may not be traditional, many of the sequences and movements are. This class is perfect for new Yogi's and those looking for a change to their normal Yoga routine. 

Mum and child dance fitness

While we say mum and child, any combination will do really - grandmother and grandchild, auntie and niece / nephew, stepsisters, second counsins etc etc etc. This is to encourage friends and family to exercise together. You'll go through a simple dance based warm up, then exercises which are particularly important to dancers, finishing with a short dance combo. Only one person out of the pair needs to pay for this session.


Like a canon ball with a handle, kettle-bell's are very versatile! We can use them to improve your aerobic and cardio fitness as well as your muscle strength and endurance. We have kettle-bells from 4-20kg, which makes this class good for all levels of fitness, especially those looking for a change in their regime. Our kettle-bell exercises will work your whole body.

bodyweight and bands

This class takes you through exercises using just your own bodyweight and resistance bands. Using your own bodyweight to exercise insures the movement is functional and therefore useful to your everyday life, no matter your goals. Resistance bands will help to add more of a challenge to these exercises for those not feeling the burn as much.


A Latin inspired dance fitness class perfect for calorie burning without even realise its happening!

beginners Street dance fitness

This high energy class will take you through an aerobic warm up, toning exercises specific to help strengthen dancers, and finishes with a fun but simple routine to leave you sweaty but smiling.

Kids street dance

We love working with the next generation of dancers! Our kids street classes will take kids of all levels aged 6-11 through the street styles. They'll also learn combinations of moves and once they're ready, full routines. While we want them to become proficient in the styles we teach, we also want them to develop confidence, learn to work in a group, get a good work out and have lots of fun!

Abs & stretch

Only on Friday afternoons, Abs Stretch will take you through a series of low impact core exercises and lengthening stretches for your whole body to improve your flexibility and posture to reduce the risk of injury. This one is perfect for you office workers who have to lean over a screen and desk most days. 

commercial dance

Think Beyonce. More routine based than our other classes, this one will take you through a longer more intricate routine to a different track each week. You'll focus on musicality, technique and performance.

baby ballet

For 3yrs and up this short class is an intro the world of Ballet for tots. They'll go through games and movements which relate to Ballet and will set them up for more advance techniques once they're older.


A series of low impact exercises, to develop strength, flexibility, balance and inner awareness. Our Pilates are mat based and we have some you can use, or you're welcome to bring your own.